How much does it cost to buy a Mobile Skips Franchise?

A new Mobile Skips territory costs between $60,000 - $120,000 + GST. For this you will get an exclusive territory (inc Bunnings stores) to market and operate within. In addition to the franchise fee you will need to budget for initial working capital, local marketing, legals and training.

If you are interested in buying an existing Mobile Skips territory, you will negotiate the sale price with the existing owner of the territory. You will then need to pay for training, legals and initial local marketing ($7,500 - $13,500) on top of the price you negotiate with the existing owner.

How can I pay for my Mobile Skips Franchise?

You will need to be able to fund 100% of the purchase of the Mobile Skips franchise (including working capital) before taking over the territory. Mobile Skips funds the purchase and manufacture of the Mobile Skip trailers used in the new territory and will lease them back to you, keeping the start up cost of a Mobile Skips Franchise as low as possible.

How much working capital do I need?

It is recommended that you seek your own independent advice, however a rough indicator is 15% of the purchase price.

What kind of returns can I expect from running a Mobile Skips Franchise?

There are a significant number of variables when operating a Mobile Skips franchise and we can’t provide you with concise figures before you start. Once your request for information has been received by us (and approved to proceed), we will issue you with a non-disclosure agreement to execute. Following this, we will then provide detailed costs and historical sales from established territories to help assist you with your detailed due diligence. As part of this process, it is essential that you seek independent financial advice and that you create your own forecasting and business planning documentation.

How do I get trained? Who pays for my training?

Our training consists of a week long, hands on training in territory. We will train you locally within your territory and at each of your Bunnings stores. The cost of your training varies based on location around Australia ($2,000-$5,000 plus GST).

How does Mobile Skips select Franchisees?

We don’t release our detailed selection criteria. We are looking for service focussed, passionate business builders that want to be part of our franchise network.

What costs am I likely to incur once owning a Mobile skips Franchise?

The detailed costs and expenses will be released as you progress through the recruitment process, but the major expenses are the royalties, management and marketing fees (combined 16% of sales) and the lease of the Mobile Skips trailers at $99 per month per trailer.

Do I need to work in my Mobile Skips franchise full time, or can it be run under management?

In our experience, our owner operator run territories are both much more successful in growing their business and much more profitable than those run under management. Given this, it is a requirement that all new franchisees are “owner/operators” of their Mobile Skips Franchise.

How long does it take to run through the application process?

Each candidates journey is unique. Typically the process takes about 8 weeks after the initial application. If the application is for a new territory, then then build time of the Mobile Skips also needs to be factored in (12 weeks after contracts agreed).

Why are territories (new and existing) priced differently? The sale price of existing territories is set at the discrete of the existing owner. The price is set based on a number of factors like financial performance, historical performance and goodwill.